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Self Directed Investors

Are you a Busy Professional with little time?

You are building your career and working hard, perhaps while also raising an active family.  With all your commitments, you don’t have enough time to devote to investing.  Self-Directed Plus+ is meant for professionals like you.  It keeps you in control, and lets you decide if and when to involve our team of professionals.  Plus, if ‘life happens’ – such as illness or divorce – Self-Directed Plus+ and our team of advisors can be there for you and your loved ones during life’s challenges.

Over the years, you have made smart financial decisions to make things easier for your spouse and your family. You have successfully managed your investments, and even hit a few home runs along the way. You have also seen friends dealing with changes such as declining health. Self-Directed Plus+ uniquely allows you to continue managing your own investments, while also starting a relationship with fiduciary advisors who can help when the time is right or the need arises.

Are you a Smart Retiree who plans ahead?

The Benefits of Self-Directed Plus+

  • >20 years of advisor experience
  • Complimentary Wealth Management Plan using industry leading client-centered web-based financial planning & retirement planning software
  • Assess your investment & brokerage fees from advisory fees to sales loads
  • Collaborative review of your existing investments or ideas
  • Recommend an asset allocation for you
  • Screening tools for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds via Charles Schwab
  • Research insights through Charles Schwab
  • Over 200 commission-free ETFs from 16 leading providers
  • Thousands of no-load and no transaction fees funds
  • Low cost brokerage
  • Fee-only – not paid commissions
  • Transparent, quarterly billing
  • A competitive fee schedule; 0.20% – 0.40%/year for clients >$1,000,000

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